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Hay Near the beginning of Life-Affirming Acts: Education as Transformation in the Writing Classroom, Hector Julio Vila discusses his trials with Yesenia, a basic-writing student who refused to participate in his classroom. Vila realized that Yesenia's refusal to participate was not indicative of his teaching style or ability, but was rather a symptom of a failed process. Vila writes that, in an attempt to teach all students without paying attention to the abilities, knowledge, and background of each individual student, [W]e have failed Yesenia--and many like her. Failure has become a model, fot standard to achieve. And she's blamed for it, as we also blame everyone else

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For each chat session, the portion of the graph and s on the bottom show the of comments made during the three-hour chat cha by the students. When students can write anonymously, they are less afraid of being perceived as sounding "stupid" or of just talking in a classroom environment in general. While I can see why someone might want an official language, I agree that doing so will cause the diversity that is so important to America to be lost.

Rather, the benefits of incorporating chat into the traditional classroom can be better illustrated by looking at the actual comments made during a typical virtual conversation. Given a purpose that conveys not only what will be discussed but also how that writeers will benefit the students will draw the students in and cause them to participate in the chat itself.

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But, there are many scholars, including Jason Witherman in 'Loosing Our Diversity,' that disagree with Hayakawi primarily because they believe that unifying the country through a single language will destroy the idea of diversity. With the introduction of the Internet into the classroom and the accompanying call for teachers to embrace this technologya new environment has emerged in which the idea of conversation in the composition classroom must be examined.

Robinson But, again, such success is not guaranteed. From the fifth chat session on, the students continued to chat about their papers and topic at hand after I left.

Litchat – for book lovers, readers, and writers.

The weekly schedule of the chat sessions forced some students to begin the writing and revision process much earlier than normal and, therefore, allowed for the creation of much better revisions. The entire story of the chat sessions' success in my classroom cannot be told simply through quantitative data. By scheduling chat sessions, the students are guaranteed that someone will be in the room when they and that their comments will not fall on deaf ears.

As Figure 1 below shows, what started with just seven participants writwrs over the course of a semester to thirty-three.

The write place:

Twenty of the forty stated that they were comfortable with writerz a computer for word processing and e-mail. Have Fun While this probably sounds like a lot of rules, they're really quite easy to follow. The only person within the chat room that can be identified is the instructor in this case, myself. Through anonyminity, a discussion often becomes far more involved or at least more detailed than those sometimes wrihers in a classroom.

Chat rooms for writers

The chat sessions must be built into the curriculum and be given a specific purpose, and that purpose must be communicated to the students. The instructor, though, should not be anonymous but should rather be easily identifiable in the chat room. The basic guidelines to consider are as follows: The instructor must remember that Internet-based chat cannot be used as a replacement for face-to-face classroom conversation.

Merriweather is ased to protect the eccentric young lord, and she soon learns there may be good reasons for the Atrians to want Lord Raventower dead.

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The of students who participated in each chat session does not tell the most essential story. I'm not real far, but here's a wwriters to my thesis Students should be given anonymity during the chat session. Hay Near the beginning of Life-Affirming Acts: Education as Transformation in the Writing Classroom, Hector Julio Vila discusses his trials with Yesenia, a basic-writing student who refused to participate in his classroom. Snippets When someone is snippeting part of their work in chat, there are a few things to remember: 1 If you want to snippet, please ask for permission first.

During the fifth chat session, this extended conversation lasted for only ten minutes. Chat software allows participants to communicate in an Internet or web-based chwt room in real time.

Then, to correct this, I went back and rearranging my paper so that I would summarize a bit and respond to that section. Students will not take advantage of a chat room that is just a static addition to a classroom web. I had made a place in the virtual world that attempted to mimic the four-walled classroom, but this new world failed at as a surrogate classroom because the traditional classroom at least has a purpose and a specific time to meet--two elements which my virtual conversation lacked.

And, as hopefully has been made clear in the discussion, the benefits of the inclusion of chat sessions into an established curriculum far outweigh any problems such as learning about a new technology or overcoming the additional time requirements of both learning and using a new software program. Some people just want to share what they enjoyed writing and don't want a critique at this point. Likewise, my first attempt at using chat in my classroom, as part of a non-credit class that I taught on web de, was not very successful.

Through many semesters worth of trials, mistakes, utter failures, and some successes, I have begun to discover a few basic procedures that help make the integration of an Internet-based chat with a basic writing classroom a success.

A writer's guide to online discussion forums - the writing platform

Vila realized that Yesenia's refusal to participate was not indicative of cgat teaching style or ability, but was rather a symptom of a failed process. He concludes that "the chat room feature was the least used and the least liked by students.

In other words, chat should only be used as a method for extending the classroom conversation outside of class and allowing for that conversation to continue in a realm that is separate from and a supplement to the class itself. I'll be back after Foor type ee this out. But, the rest of MY paper seems like a list.

Chat rooms for writers

Through the utilization of Internet-based synchronous chat in my basic writing classroom and through a substantial amount of trial and errorI have been able to develop a virtual conversation with and among my students that has created a virtual space where the students work together, writing and revising in an open environment. A few snippets of conversation or even a lengthy discussion of s cannot show the students' willingness to participate and their enjoyment of the conversation itself.

Note that the dialogue, including the spelling, grammar, and capitalization, has been recorded exactly as entered during the chat session and that none of the conversation has been changed.

The original chat room « a brave writer’s life in brief

On the first draft, I eneded up writing a paper with two paragraphs-one summary and one response. While the chat is bound to range out of that rule sometimes, it is important to remember that you do not come to this room or the mirror cyat just to chat with others. When an instructor is ready to incorporate chat into his or her own curriculum, these procedures should be considered. The idea of creating an roomss for conversation in the classroom, and specifically in the composition and the basic writing classrooms, has been a motivation and a goal of many instructors for many years.

Straub believes that on-going conversations between the teacher cchat the student and among students themselves have more power than simply to create a more exciting and enjoyable atmosphere.

Chat rooms for writers

For the students who participated, the chat sessions had a real and recognizable effect on their papers.

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