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Cassandra, Werewolves etc. Adding extra rows and line breaks also makes the box bigger than necessary. So, where does this lead the template changing? Based on contribution history, the IP is clearly related to that ; please advise me or any other admin if the problem persists. Totnesmartin talk23 September UTC Considering the chunk of his hcat that was involved with the show and the novelisations I would think he could be added. Of the other writers who weren't also producers in that section he was more involved than Terry Nation and as involved as Robert Holmes.

The same goes with List of minor Doctor Who villains.

Doctor who chat

I'm not dodtor whether this article is the right place for it, but we could probably find a better one. Especially the pumping. Totnesmartin talk23 September UTC Considering the chunk of his career that was involved with the show and the novelisations I would think he could be added.

Bbc one - doctor who, series 3, the shakespeare code, shakespeare day! - shakespeare chats with queen elizabeth i

Next, I will point out that the rest of the listings in that section have appeared in more than one season with the exception of "The Celestial Toymaker" though he was scheduled to appear in the aborted 6th Dr season. GraemeLeggett Like I said, I've been doing the articles like this for several months now with no objection. Angmering4 Apr UTC A bit too obscure unless you want to use it as an exmaple of authors' a recycling roctor own chay, b leaving hidden tidbits for the cognescenti.

Doctor who chat

There's a massive lever on the wall That's not how this place is supposed to work. It needs a directors section. Why don't we try that on a couple and see how it goes?

The randomiser: unpredictable doctor who chat

If we can find a suitable quotation from a DWM interview or Doctor Who Confidential, the console de might be worth mentioning. True, we don't need a poll for everything, but I'd rather have an excess of polls than edit wars. And move the long one to the biottom of the article so we don't have to waste time scrolling past cgat to get to the Notes.

Mind you my continuity reference is the Discontinuity Guide which I note the BBC has adapted for its Doctor Who website GraemeLeggett7 Apr UTC Lance Parkin, writer of "The Gallifrey Chronicles" has made it abundantly clear that the book will not have anything to do with the new series, although it will supposedly flow quite well into it. Now I know that doesn't apply to the Weeping Angels but they are a special case - even the CIA used their name for one of their operations.

That entire section is a free-for-all. So, where does this lead the template changing? Dunarc talk12 March UTC Added him and ordered them by group first and individuals second.

Doctor who online - chat

Moreover, should every single episode of every single TV series ever have such a long synopsis? Angmering4 Apr UTC Well, hwo nowhere else, I intend to use that ever so interesting bit of trivia in the About Time style guide I'm writing for the new series with a friend I'm shocked!

Doctor who chat

Not calling Jimbo on the phone. After a bit of a laugh, I heard Doc say "But what is a mean?

Doctor who chat - www.tourdulichphuquoc.info

Anyone else get this? If you have better ways of proving that my life goes no further dochor faking letters from BBC script-writers, please say so below.

Doctor who chat

The Bad Wolf. But I was worried it might be a bit ephemeral for this place.

Doctor who chat

He tries to step forward, but the blade almost skims him; he jolts back, scared — Interesting concept. However, nice work on Doctor Who items. I think it is worth it, the individuals I named think it is worth it, I will, if fhat like, write to Russel T Davies personally via the BBC and ask him what he thinks.

Doctor who chat

Maybe you should do it the other way round, and have Synopsis for the brief summary and Plot for the longer one. How exactly this dating system works is never explained, but the format would suggest that each figure indicates an order of magnitude from right to left, as in yeardecadecenturymillenniumand chhat annum.

Doctor who chat

Because it is verging on meaningless and adds nothing to the article. Angmering6 Apr UTC Synopsis[ edit ] As with the article on the first new Dr Who episode, I think the synopsis needs to be shortened, to include only major plot points.

He's not Jimbo. For example who would be interested in wno detailed result break downs of various national, local and regional elections all over the world? That aside, the compromise isn't much, unfortunately, because the sentence is a non-sequitor. No murders, last humans, robot spiders, death traps in Restaurant.

The randomiser: unpredictable doctor who chat

Why Delia Derbyshire but not Ron Grainer? For proof of the reply, the best I can do is either scan docttor letter and it, or you can first write to dcotor, give him a password, then he gives it to me in his reply. In fact already one long plot analysis has been replaced by a longer synopsis. Furthermore, Jimbo's is pretty clear about the "phone for the press" being, well, for the press.

Just pointing out that as a whole, the sentence really was uncited and speculative, so I'm not sure it can be salvaged.

Live chat - doctor2u

I would think that we should make that a requirement for inclusion in this navbox but, at the moment, it isn't. I'll see if I can find the DWM reference to confirm it later.

I'll move it. Unless anyone has any radical objections I'll try and shorten it in a few days. Moreover, who else would even come to this other than a fan in the first place?

Text with a doctor anytime, anywhere

What do Inebriateddonkey and Graeme think? The criteria for inclusion isn't set in stone. I would like to doftor a bit on doctor who continuity just to say these things happen.

Doctor who chat

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