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Q: How do you know you are a true stoner? A: When your bong gets washed more than your dishes!

Q: What is a stoners idea of a balanced diet?

The new rules of dinner parties: don't be on time – and bring more booze than you need | food | the guardian

Park and spark. A: Mr. Sometimes I smell weed and can't tell if someone is smoking near me, or if its just my clothes. A: Marijuana Q: What do get when you soak a spliff in Vodka?

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The night before, we asked one of the older children to come down this morning and babysit. Man is not.

Late bake drink fuck room

The little lizard and the monkey smoked a great big t. Most of their food ends up on the floor anyway.

If someone could convince Justin Bieber to drive Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan off of a cliff, we could kill two birds with one stoner. I don't know! Q: What do you get when you eat marijuana? Q: What do you call a fly on marijuana? A: Politicians don't inhale The cop!

Late bake drink fuck room

Wake Up, Bake Up. Gas prices may be high, but I am definitely higher. Q: What cartoon does Mary Jane watch?

Late bake drink fuck room

Rolling ts is like riding a bike. What's the difference between a stoner and a tweeker? Q: Did you hear about the time Mark Paul Gosselaar got high and had the munchies?

Late bake drink fuck room

Stoner Prayer Now I pass out into sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep Grant no other stoner take My weed and bong before I wake Keep me safely in thy sight And grant no crackhead's thrill tonight And in the morning let me awake Breathing scents of wake 'n bake God protect me in my dreams and make this better than it seems Grant the time may siwftly fly When myself shall be so high In a green grass weed bed Fuc I long to rest my head Far away from all these scenes And the smell of bammer smoked by beans Take me back lae the land Where the cops never take you out Where the weed won't burn my throat like sand; Where the scent of chronis blows Where the good Mary Jane grows; Take me back and I'll promise then Never to leave BC again Weed Bar Jokes A stoner stumbles out of a party, and starts to walk home.

Q: How many Stoners does it take to change a light bulb A: Who cares man, its to bright in here anyway! One Hippie says "This is a really long fucking staircase!

A: With high powered rifles. A: I Don't Care Bears.

Party hardy rock and roll, Drink a fifth smoke a bowel, Pots a plant it grows in the ground If god didnt want it it wouldn't be around So all you assholes who dont get high just shut the fuck up and give it a try Roll Roll, Roll, a t pass it down the line Take a toke hold your smoke blow your fuckin mind I was here, but now I'm not, I'm round da corner smokin' pot! And whale showes out from the sea in a front of he rabitt and says: Hi rabbit!

Probably without even spreading it on anything.

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Put the pasta into the pan with the remainder of the sauce and gently stir it all together. Until I asked her if she had papers, she immediately ran off. Life's a bitch and then you die, so fuck fuco world and lets get high!

A: Getting so high latr can eat a star. I experimented with marijuana in high school, but I pretty much have the technique perfected at this point. His dealer lived on the other side. A: Legalized Marinara.

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The guy limps up to the stoner and says "Call me an ambulance! Freedom doesn't exist if nature is illegal.

Q: What did the stoners girlfriend say? Q: How do you hide pot from a hippie?

A: He thought they were donut seeds. Q: What do you call an event when two cities that legalized marijuana get together.

15 everyday habits to boost your libido | time

I was about to smoke weed with a Mexican girl. A: The Holy Spirit! A: A weed wacker! I've wrote this message to prove a point, Life is shit without a t!

Baking & cooling pies safely

We all head downstairs for drinl. A: Hold out a t! When a pothead is driving down a road he is driving about 20 mph and eating the upholstery. I've never had it longer than an hour!

Watch: video of 2-year-old boy baking with grandma is breaking the internet! - times of india

Q: What do stoners put on their spaghetti? Apparently weed is considered a gateway drug. I finally catch her, body-slam her nake the sofa, and stuff her into her first of many outfits of the day, like sausage meat into a casing. A: A fungi Q: Did you hear about the stoners who were planning to rob the medical marijuana shop? I always hear about them getting stoned Got busted with weed once and the cop baake me to give up my source.

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